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Healthrider Treadmill Review

Icon Health and Fitness, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of exercise equipments, manufactures Healthrider Treadmill. In the early 1990s, lots of people began shifting towards Healthrider treadmills because they are able to provide a complete body fitness machine that made exercising easy and enjoyable. At present, new running machines from Icon Health and Fitness under the brand of Healthrider Threadmill are made more enjoyable, user-friendly, and low-impact. If you want to be completely motivated with your treadmill cardio, buy this kind of treadmill.

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Great Features of a Healthrider Treadmill

Here are some great features of the Healthrider Treadmill that you might find endearing.

  1. This treadmill comes with an iFit Technology – a technology that allows you to play music that sets the mood and pace for your treadmill workouts. This technology can also allow you to connect to the internet and set-up the speed, gradient, and resistance of the treadmill for a more challenging workout.
  2. The healthrider has a pulse indicator using the Grip Pulse Sensors Technology. Using it allows you to easily monitor your biometric response to the workout that you are doing. This way, it will be easier for you to adjust the intensity of the workout based for the pulse readings.
  3. This treadmill has a great cushioning system that provides you with safety support. It uses the SoftTrack Cushioning Technology that gives comfortable cushioning in the deck and the handles. This makes your workout less straining to your body especially on the legs, knees, and hips.
  4. The healthrider uses the CoolAire Technology for providing a cooling system that you can turn on while working out. Now, you can feel more relaxed due to the soft breeze touching your face while running.
  5. Along with all of these great features, the Healthrider Treadmill can be bought at a very affordable price.