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The Ironman Treadmill and its Ironman Parts

Ironman: The Brand That You Should Get

Getting a treadmill usually requires you to know who manufactures this specific treadmill that you are currently looking at. In the case of Ironman Treadmill, it is manufactured by the company called Keys Fitness. Keys Fitness is responsible for assembling all Ironman treadmills and fabricating Ironman part and spares. Knowing the manufacturer of the fitness running machine gives you a sense of good judgment whether to purchase that treadmill or move along to get another one. Therefore, it is very important for a treadmill manufacturer to have good reputation in the industry that it is currently participating.

Keys Fitness is known for having a good reputation in the treadmill industry. Moreover, it is known for manufacturing lots of other treadmills aside from Ironman. Thus, you can be sure that when you get an Ironman treadmill or any Ironman part for some cases then you are in good hands with Keys Fitness.

Ironman: The Brand That You Should Get

Though Ironman is relatively a old brand in the exercise treadmill market, it is good brand to consider buying. The entire machine and its Ironman parts are made from extremely high-quality raw materials which makes the entire machine tough like a tank. Thus, you won’t be changing running machines or any of its parts anytime soon if you get this brand of treadmill.

Ironman is known to be a mid-ranged running machine with a price ranging between $800 to $1,500. Its Ironman parts are priced cheaply as well so that even if you get one from a used treadmill for sale store, you can repair and replace worn-out parts without much worries on your budget.

You can easily locate Ironman treadmill and its parts in your local athletic store. If you are in need of one, give them a visit and you will be able to find different Ironman treadmill models that you can choose from.

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Your Health with Ironman

Your health is the main concern why Keys Fitness continues to produce Ironman treadmills and Ironman parts. The future of Ironman is predicted to be a great as it progresses to create better running machines for everyone to use. They are gearing towards producing low-cost treadmills to let more people achieve good health. So, when you embark on a journey in finding a machine that will key you fit and active, look no further with Ironman.

IRONMAN Legacy Treadmill with 7-Inch LCD TV Screen

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  • Highly durable treadmill with fold-up design and built-in entertainment features
  • Seven-inch LCD TV with coaxial input for cable and satellite reception, integrated speakers, headphone jack for personal listening
  • 20 programs include 13 pre-set, 2 customized, 5 heart rate programs
  • 3.0 HP continuous duty commercial grade motor for speeds up to 10 MPH
  • 350-pound weight capacity; Warranty: Frame - lifetime and motor - 2 year; parts - 1 year TV/speakers, 1 year labor