ProForm 2000 Treadmill Review

Exercise At Home On The New ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Great Things Found in a ProForm 2000 Treadmill

ProForm 2000 is a great choice for a treadmill weight loss machine. It has a set of different weight-loss workouts that you can follow to make your exercise more interesting. Using these built-in workouts, you can customize your maximum speed, minimum speed, and duration of workout accordingly. This makes working out on this treadmill easier because after setting the proper configurations, all you need to do is run and leave everything for the treadmill to handle.

ProForm 2000 Treadmill

  • iFit Coach Ready
  • 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Motor
  • 22” x 60” Non-Stretch Tread Belt
  • -3 – 15% Digital Quick Incline & Decline Control
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Built on 30 years of fitness engineering and technology, the ProForm Professional 2000 is designed to burn more calories, support real-road conditioning, and spice up cardio staying power. So your health, your circle of relatives, and your house get exactly what they want. 7" backlit oversized LCD with racetrack display, iFit compatible; integrated device shelf; ipod compatible, (2) 3" digitally amplified long-throw speakers with Digital volume keep an eye on 3.5 chp Mach Z commercial, 0 - 12 MPH QuickSpeed, 0 - 15% fast incline, 0 - 3% fast decline, EKG grip pulse, dual band (Bluetooth Sensible + ANT plus) wireless chest strap 300 lb. Weight capacity, solid steel construction, 2.5" rear, 1.9" front, precision balanced non-flex 22" x 60" deck, commercial 1-ply non-stretch tread belt, proshox cushioning Lifetime frame & Motor Warranty, 5-year parts, 2-year labor Warranty [amz_corss_sell asin="B01LRCBWAQ"]
ProForm 2000 Treadmill Review

Some of the special features that you can find on this Proform fitness equipment are:

  • Quick Speed and Power Incline Adjustments
  • ProMAx™ Impact Absorption Cushioning System
  • EKG Dual Grip Pulse Sensor
  • Motivational RaceTrack Fitness Progress Monitor
  • iFit Weight Loss Workouts
  • Motivational RaceTrack™

Using these special features, you can have better treadmill workouts than you used to have with other treadmills.

The ProForm 2000 treadmill is also composed of parts made with QuietTech™ components. This means that when you use this Proform fitness equipment, you can expect this to run smoothly and quietly. Thus, you can use these fitness treadmill with making any annoying sounds. The internal components of the running machine from the motor, belts, and rollers are all well-engineered to produce a quiet run.

Finally, a ProForm 2000 treadmill utilizes a CoolAire feature which provides ventilation while you are running. This allows you to feel a light breeze when running which seems like you are actually running on the road.

Body Conditioning Meets Air Conditioning

Save Space with a ProForm 2000 Treadmill

If you want to have a treadmill space saver at home then have a ProForm 2000 treadmill. This treadmill allows you to fold the machine when not in use which gives you more space at home. When you need to use it, you can simply unfold it. Unfolding this treadmill is easy because of its great design.

ProForm 2000 Treadmill
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ProForm 2000 Treadmill Specifications

Most ProForm 2000 treadmills use 2HP continuous duty motor. This motor is enough to power even high speed runners. It has a treadmill belt size of 20inch x 55inch which is sufficient for small to medium-sized runners. You can try to find other treadmills if you are a very tall runner with large strides. It has a 300-lb weight capacity which can support an acceptable range of people having this weight. If you go over 300-lbs, you might need to look for a treadmill somewhere else. The ProForm 2000 treadmill provides a good warranty term containing 12 years for the motor, 1 year for the body, 1 year for all parts and 1 year for labor.

ProForm 2000 Treadmill

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  • 7 inches backlit oversized LCD with racetrack display, iFit Compatible; integrated device shelf; Ipod Compatible, (2) 3 inches digitally amplified long throw speakers with digital Volume control
  • 3.5 chp Mach Z commercial, 0 to 12 MPH QuickSpeed, 0 to15 percentage quick incline, 0 to 3 percentage quick decline, EKG grip Pulse, dual band (Bluetooth Smart + ANT plus) wireless chest strap
  • 300 pounds Weight capacity, solid steel construction, 2.5 inches rear, 1.9 inches front, precision balanced non flex
  • 22 inches x 60 inches deck, commercial 1 ply non stretch tread belt, proshox cushioning
  • Lifetime frame and motor Warranty, 5 Year parts, 2 year Labor Warranty; Fan CoolAire Fan

ProForm Pro-2000 Treadmill Updated Version of 2000 Model

If you’re looking for a comprehensive training tool, look no further than the Preforms Pro 2000 Treadmill. This impressive machine has a 7” Smart HD Touchscreen and the advantage of incline and decline training—perfect for an aerobic, calorie-burning workout while building strength and engaging the core. Let professional personal trainers lead you in your daily workout with an included 1-year membership to IFit Coach. Top fitness technology makes this machine a modern, upgraded addition to any home gym.