Treadmill Medical Use

The Medical Use of the Treadmill – The Stress Treadmill Test

Medical Treadmill Stress Treadmill Test
Medical Treadmill Stress Treadmill Test

In the medical industry, the treadmill is used as a device to determine heart diseases specifically finding a blockage in the heart. A patient that is suspected to have a heart disease is exposed to the medical treadmill cardiac stress treadmill test. This produces better results than a regular treadmill test because a person is subject to treadmill workouts while the test is ongoing.

Symptoms of heart disease may not show if a person is tested at a resting condition. His true condition can only be exposed during a stress treadmill test. Thus, better diagnosis can be given to that person that will help him resolve his current medical condition.

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When a person is subjected to stress during a heart test, his healthy arteries tend to open up a bit more while blocked arteries do not. Therefore, after a few moments of running on a treadmill, a person with a heart problem will immediately experience chest pains and shortness of breathing compared to a person who doesn’t have it. In this kind of test, electric stress treadmills are preferred over other types of cardiovascular exercise machines because they provide more steady results.

Stress Test Treadmills

Reasons in Getting a Stress Treadmill Test

Stress Treadmill Test

Medical experts recommend stress test for certain reason such as:

  • To evaluate a person who possesses the symptoms of coronary artery diseases
  • To evaluate a person who might not possess the symptoms of coronary artery diseases by have high risks of acquiring it
  • To determine whether a person can perform excessively strenuous exercise even if he experiences immediate shortness of breathing and tiredness when doing so
  • To know the state of people with borderline hypertension condition
  • To induce exercise-triggered irregular heart beats

It is important to note that stress treadmill test can only be reliable if done properly. If a person takes in medicine or uses an equipment like a pacemaker that can alter his real heart condition, the results obtained from running on a stress treadmill may not be accurate.

Preparation for the Stress Treadmill Test

  • Prior to the stress treadmill test, a person is required to undergo these preparation steps.
  • A person is not allowed to eat or drink three hours before the electric treadmill stress test to prevent nausea felt when a person experiences heavy physical stress after a big meal. For insulin-dependent patients, a special instruction is given to them prior to the test.
  • Intake of heart medicines are needed to be stopped a couple of days before the test.
  • During the stress treadmill test, running shoes and outfit should be worn.

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