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Treadmill Pacemaster Prides on Outstanding Quality

Treadmill Pacemaster

If quality is your top priority in finding a treadmill then the Treadmill Pacemaster is the only choice that you should select. This treadmill is well-known for its outstanding quality and for a long time now, owners of this running machine never regret investing on it. Due to this, whenever the Pacemaster is researched on or asked in sports stores, you will surely hear that it is a treadmill of unwavering quality.

The Treadmill Pacemaster is the ideal average type of treadmill because it can provide its users a service that is trouble-free. Using this treadmill can let you run for hours without worrying that it might fail any time soon.

Pacemaster Quality

Treadmill Pacemaster has been designing and manufacturing treadmills for about 50 years now. They are popular for professionally-crafted treadmills that are sturdy, durable, reliable, and of topnotch quality. Thus, if you invest in this exercise treadmill, you surely won’t experience any problems in using and maintaining this running equipment. Top available deals you may like

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Get to Know More About the Treadmill Pacemaster Brand

As the Treadmill Pacemaster become more popular, the price of the machine has gone up. Since they were able to prove how durable their machines are that they are known at the best treadmills that stand the tests of time, consumers still lined up to get them. Another reason that consumers still patronize them despite their increase in selling price is that they are very low maintenance treadmills. Owning them will require you a huge cash out at first but in the long run, you tend to save more because you don’t need to send your treadmill for any maintenance repairs.

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Based from surveys done, Treadmill Pacemaster is one impressive treadmill brand that receives a small volume of customer complaints each year. Thus, this means that this treadmill brand is making lots of treadmill users happy. Check here their brand website

What the Treadmill Pacemaster Offers?

The Treadmill Pacemaster has a varied line of treadmills that it has made available to its customers. To be specific, it has four treadmill models fit for every home. These are the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum models – each of these are more suitable to be used at home instead as a commercial treadmill.

The Treadmill Pacemaster is built with a 3.0HP continuous duty motor. This motor power is sufficient especially if it will only be for home use. It is also built using 2.5-inch rollers which are perfect in ensuring that the belt, deck, and motor won’t easily wear out due to incessant use.


Sadly Pacemaster went out of business. They are pretty good treadmills but being how it looks so lightweight and not too many features such as a fan to cool you down. It could not compete. It was up in price @ $3000 like a Landice which looked more sturdier. Both are made in USA. It is sad how the treadmill industry works and Pacemaster was one of the older ones too.

Image: Landice-L7-Pro-Trainer-Treadmill-Factory-Demo-0
2017 Manufacturing facility Demo, Les than 25 hours use, Like new situation

Features include:

  • Workout Feedback: Time, Heart Rate, Distance, Calories,  Calories/HR, METs, Incline, Speed, Pace, Lap Time, Laps, Clock, Zone Time, Average Pulse, Pulse, Altitude, Climb Rates
  • 5 Road Screens: City, Beach, Desert, Lake, Mountain
  • 1 Track
  • 6 Climbing Landmarks: Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Seattle Space Needle, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower
  • 5 Built-in: Intermediate, Advanced, Interval, Fat Burn, Endurance
  • 5 User-defined programs (residential models only)
  • 6 Fitness: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Firefighter, Balke
  • 3 Goal Program: Distance, Time, Calories
  • Express Speed and Incline keys
  • 5 Race Programs: ½, Mile, 2 Miles, 5K, 10K
  • 2 Heart Rate Programs: Heart Rate Control, Interval Heart Rate Control
  • 5 Individual User Setups (residential models only)
  • 5 Individual User Heart Rate Control Setups (residential models only)
  • Interactive contact heart rate and wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system
  • Displays data in English or Metric configurations

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