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A Look at Commercial Treadmills in the Market

A commercial treadmill is a commonplace in the the gym or any fitness center. It is one of the running machines that is installed inside the gym to allow members to do some cardio exercise before and after every workout. Commercial treadmills are widely used in gyms and other fitness centers due to the familiarity of people with it and the ease of use it provides to everybody.

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It is essential that commercial treadmills are sturdy and durable to withstand frequent use by a lot of people. Moreover, a commercial treadmill should be able to offer a wide variety of functions to cater the demand of every person who comes to the gym to workout. Examples of extended features are having a wide range of running speed, varying degrees of incline, and other programmable features. If you are a frequent visitor of the gym and you want to get the most out of a treadmill, here are some things that you need to look for.

1. Motor Power

If you want a high-powered treadmill cardio workout, the machine that you should be using must have a “Continuous Duty” motor. A commercial treadmill with this motor is able to function in a steady manner even when it is used for a long period of time. Furthermore, this kind of motor will give you high quality runs at higher speed and longer duration. Continuous Duty motors have are supported with a minimum of two-year warranty.

2. Treadmill Belt Quality

A commercial treadmill must have a high-quality treadmill belt. This is to ensure less maintenance of the belt and less vulnerability to damage. It should also be waxed frequently to eliminate noise produced by the scratching of the belt with the motor. Yet, remember that high-quality treadmill belts require minimal lubrication when used.

3. Treadmill Control Panel

The control panel of a treadmill should user-friendly so that anyone who uses it won’t have trouble with it. It should also contain an emergency stop mechanism to prevent accidents from happening. The treadmill control panel should also allow you to start your workout slowly, increase your speed slowly, and end it slowly. High-quality treadmills never operate in a sudden stop and speed up manner.

4. Rollers

In commercial treadmills, it is preferred that larger rollers are used inside them. The reason for this is that larger rollers provide a larger running platform to its users. Moreover, larger rollers create less impact on the machine which means that less heat produced within it resulting to a longer useful life for the treadmill.

5. Treadmill Body

The body of a commercial treadmill should be made from high-quality materials as well. Commercial treadmills made from high alloy steel and thermoplastics are the most popular treadmill makes in the market. A sturdy treadmill is made out of these materials.

Now that you know the essential items a commercial treadmill must have, you will now know best when using one inside the gym. Furthermore, you can be of help to those who need to find a new commercial treadmill for gym use.