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Protect Your Treadmill Equipment

The treadmill is the simplest equipment that you can use to cut down those annoying flabs and turn them into rock solid abs. Walking and running are two easy exercises that you can do using the treadmill. has been known as a fact that walking and running are two physical activities that allow any person who perform them frequently to be in great shape. If you are a newbie in running on a treadmill, you can use these treadmill equipment for protecting your newly bought treadmill. If you have been using a treadmill for a long time now and you want to enhance your cardiovascular workouts, here are a few treadmill equipment that you can put to good use.

Treadmill Equipment for Better Workouts

1: The treadmill mat is used to ensure that the platform where you run is maintained in the best condition. The mat protects the rotating deck from immediate degradation and wearing out. The use of a treadmill mat prevents the need for frequent treadmill repair or treadmill replacement.

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2: The treadmill lubricant is an equipment that you can apply in the treadmill belt to protect it also from immediate degradation. For prolonged usage of the treadmill, the lubricant applied to it helps to minimize the friction between the belt and the rollers. With decreased friction, the belt will less like be damaged easily when running on it.

These two equipment mentioned above both protect and maintain fitness equipment treadmills to be in their best condition always. This way, you save money on requiring treadmill repair due to equipment damage or break down.

Caring for Your Treadmill Equipment

Since having a treadmill can be a costly purchase, you should take care of this equipment properly. Using the two materials mention before – treadmill mat and treadmill lubricant – you can surely have a fitness treadmill that you can use for a very long time.

Your Useful Guide for Treadmill Mat

Treadmill Mat
Treadmill Mat

A treadmill mat is important for people who own a treadmill. It is an important accessory that will let you protect your treadmill to prolong its useful life. So, when you get your own treadmill, you should not forget to get a treadmill mat as well.

Functions of the Treadmill Mat

The treadmill mat covers the floor of the fitness treadmill providing a layer of protection to it. So, even with frequent use that produces huge impact on the floor of the treadmill, there will be less damage on the treadmill’s platform. The treadmill mat also helps in lessening the vibrations that the treadmill floor experiences from incline walking and long distance running on a treadmill.

This accessory prolong the useful life of the machine because the floor of the treadmill is protected from the impacts of the running. The motor is protected as well because the fibers and other dirt that come from the outside are prevented from entering it due to the covering of the treadmill mat.

How to Choose the Right Treadmill Mat

How to Choose the Right Treadmill Mat
Right Treadmill Mat

Look for affordable treadmill mats and make sure that the one you choose is of high quality. You will know that it is a good treadmill mat by looking at these characteristics – the size of the mat, the thickness of the mat, and the material used to create the mat. Apparently if you want to have the best in these three characteristics, the price of the treadmill mat will surely go up.

The ideal size of the treadmill mat that you should buy is 6.5×3.0 feet. This will surely fit any regular sized treadmill so you don’t have to replace the mat when you have another treadmill to run on. Yet, if you are not sure, it is best to measure the exercise treadmill that you have.

The average thickness of a good treadmill mat is 0.25 inch if you will be using it mostly for walking and jogging. If you will using it for long distance running, you should go for a treadmill mat with a minimum of 3/8 inch in thickness.

A good treadmill is made from synthetic material that does not crumble easily into fibers that may block the treadmill motor from frequent use.

The Right Price for a Treadmill Mat

The acceptable price range that you should pay for a treadmill mat is between $35 to $50. As the size of the mat increases, so as this price too. A thicker mat may be $10 higher than a regular mat.

Treadmill Lubricant – What it is for?

Treadmill Lubricant
Treadmill Lubricant

Why Use a Treadmill Lubricant

The treadmill lube is important to maintain the perfect condition of your treadmill. A lot of treadmill owner do not realize how important this treadmill accessory until they find out that their machine has deteriorated faster than they expected. The application of treadmill lubricant in the treadmill machine protects it from instant deterioration created by the high friction between the treadmill belt and deck.

The treadmill lubricant makes the treadmill belt slide easily along the bottom deck when running and because of this, the belt experiences less wearing and tearing compared with a belt with not lubrication. Since the treadmill belt is a replaceable treadmill part, it can be easily replaced with a new but the will entail some cost. Prolonging the life of the treadmill belt with regular lubrication will let you avoid frequent changing of the belt and saving the money allotted for it.

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Good Choice for a Treadmill Lubricant

In selecting the right treadmill lubricant for your machine, the best thing to do is to contact your manufacturer about it. They know for certain what type of lubricant will work well with your treadmill. Then, buy the lubricant according to the recommendations given by your manufacturer.

On the other hand, if you cannot contact your manufacturer, you can try reading the treadmill manual that came along with your equipment. Their might be information there that contains the recommended lubricant for your machine.

If your treadmill is bought brand-new, you won’t immediately need to apply a treadmill lubricant on it. Most newly manufactured running machines nowadays are made available pre-waxed which means that they have enough lubrication to let you start with.

Buying Treadmill Lubricant

Treadmill lubricants are inexpensive treadmill accessories that can let you save a lot money if you use them regularly. One unit of silicon treadmill belt lubricant can cost only for about $15. Some high-end treadmill lubricants can go to a maximum of $30 per piece.

What are Supermats?

Supermats are treadmill accessories that are used to protect the treadmill deck and dampen the impact that is produced on it when running on a treadmill. The use of a treadmill mat prevents instant degradation of the moving platform of the treadmill. This way, you can be sure that your will last for a long time.

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Features of Supermats

Looking for a good supermat requires you to look for the right features in them. What features to look for in supermats include the following:
  1. Durable supermats are made from durable materials such as PVC. This should be the material used in the supermat that you will put in your treadmill. PVC supermats provide a tough protection to your treadmill when you exercise on it for a long time. Moreover, it protects your machine from the debris that may come from the treadmill parts.
  2. The supermat also protects the treadmill by preventing any dirt and dust from entering the treadmill motor. This ensures that the treadmill serves a longer life than expected.
  3. Aside from minimizing the impact on the treadmill’s moving part, it also reduces the noise produced of a running treadmill. Thus, you can exercise anytime that you want to without disturbing the people around you.
  4. Supermats usually come in a common size therefore you won’t have a difficult time finding one that will fit your exercise treadmill.

Supermats Review

There are many manufacturers of supermats out there where you can get the right one from. Treadmill mats can come in different designs and colors so you can choose the one that suits your personal taste. Before settling for a supermat make sure that you have compared quality and prices among different brands. Some notable brands of supermats are SuperMat Home, Defender, TKO Treadmill Mat, and Body Solid Treadmill Mat.

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  • PROTECTIVE FLOOR MAT: Super-tough, durable mat helps protect your floors and carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Mat is solid vinyl composite material, features extremely heavy duty durable construction - Mat weighs 23 lbs.
  • CUSHIONS EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FROM EXCESSIVE WEAR: Prolongs the life of your equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts, and dampens vibration
  • FITS MULTIPLE EXERCISE UNITS: The Supermats Treadmat is perfect for larger treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and cross-country trainers - Mat measures 36" x 90"
  • MADE IN U.S.A.: Made in U.S.A. using U.S.A. sourced raw materials. No harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Safe for children and pets