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Basic Information About Evolve Treadmill

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Evolve treadmill is a treadmill space saver that is perfect for small homes. This is an ideal running equipment for people who live in small homes and want to have handy machine that they can walk or jog on. Nowadays, living in the city means living in a very confined space like condominiums or apartments. Thus, it is a common scene in the city that people live in small homes. To solve space problems and have a running machine at home, buy an Evolve treadmill.

Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill

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  • Modern new design is compact, sleek and attractive
  • Running area measures 17-inches x 45-inches
  • 2-watt audio speakers with input jack
  • Contains thumb pulse heart-rate monitor
  • Spacious enough to accommodate most walking and jogging strides

This treadmill is popular for being a high quality treadmill running on a 1.25 HP continuous duty motor. This is a little bit low in power rating compared with other treadmills that is why it is more used for walking and jogging only. Yet, this is something to be looked up to given that this is a folding treadmill.

This treadmill is extremely compact and portable that when you fold it up, its only about 10 inches in length. With this size, it can easily fit under the bed or easily slid it inside a cabinet. When you unfold it, the treadmill transforms into a 17-inch x 45-inch running machine.

Basic Features of an Evolve Treadmill

Evolve Treadmill
Evolve Treadmill

Aside from its compact design, Horizon Evolve treadmill provides a good track for light treadmill cardio workouts. It can allow you to run up to 6mph while supporting a 250-lb weight capacity. It contains 2 pre-programmed exercises that you can work on alternately so that you won’t get bored in doing the same exercise over and over again.

Evolve Treadmill has an easy-to-ready console that displays time, speed, and distance. It also lets you track the amount of calories you have burned while running on it.

In terms of warranty, Horizon provides a good terms for its Evolve treadmills. It provides 10 years warranty for the body frame, 5 years warranty for the motor, 1 year warranty for all other parts, and 1 year warranty also for service.

Here are a few benefits of using an Horizon Evolve compact treadmill.

  1. The size of the treadmill track provides a sufficient space for walking and jogging. Its 17-inch x 45-inch track size is enough for mid-ranged walking and jogging strides.
  2. Evolve treadmill provides safety and comfort with its built-in handles. The treadmill handles are properly cushioned to permit a comfortable grip. These handles also promote safety in maintaining steady and stable jog.
  3. Its readable console allows easy control in every workout done using this treadmill.
  4. Horizon Evolve compact treadmill is a convenient exercise equipment to have at home. Owning it won’t cramp up your limited space and you can easily store it in the right storage space.
  5. No assembly is required for this treadmill. Horizon Evolve treadmill simply folds and unfolds where detaching of parts is unnecessary.
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