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Landice treadmill is known to be one of the best in providing a commercial treadmill in the market. Landice is crowned as the number one treadmill manufacturer by the premiere sports magazine “Runner’s World” for its unrivaled customer support. Due to this, more and more fitness gyms are choosing this treadmill brand for their machines in their cardiovascular workout area.

Landice M1 Folding Treadmill Assembly Video

One notable perk in buying a Landice treadmill is its 5-year service warranty. This offer provides anyone who chooses to buy this machine a sense of protection in case the machine fails unexpectedly. Moreover, Landice is known to be an experienced manufacturer of running machines having 35 years under its belt. Truly, they have proven themselves adept even to harshest workout environment there is.

Landice treadmills are known to be pioneers in the treadmill industry and aside from the company’s long year in service, they have mastered their craft because they only produce treadmills and nothing else. This has allowed them to continuously improve their products to create the best commercial treadmills that we have around.

Landice M1 Folding Treadmill for The Home

  • Speed Range: 0.5-5 mph
  • Belt Size: 50" by 18.5"
  • Step-Up Height: 3 1/8"
  • Max User Weight: 220 lb
  • Treadmill Weight: 99 lb
$899 from Amazon
Image: Landice-M1-Folding-Treadmill-for-The-Home-Low-Profile-Compact-Easy-Storage-3-Second-Flat-to-Ready-USB-Charger-Speakers-0
Landice M1 Folding Treadmill for The Home | Low Profile Compact Easy Storage | 3 Second Flat-to-Ready | USB Charger + Speakers The Landice M1 Folding Treadmill can be utilized almost anywhere. With wheels in both directions, you'll be able to move it wherever you wish to have ... whenever you wish to have. And with its sleek design, it may be easily stored until you're ready to use it again. The M1 is made by Landice, a family owned company with over fifty years of experience in manufacturing highly-rated, among the best fitness equipment. Landice is renowned for their commercial-grade quality. And they put this same craftsmanship into the M1 Folding Treadmill. With your M1 Folding Treadmill, you can at all times have a Safe and convenient place to exercise. Order now and get free shipping & delivery. (Only available in the united states) Easily goes from flat position to ready-to-use in seconds with the assistance of built-in hydraulics. Safe locks ensure a protected and Safe operation. Low profile folding treadmill will stow easily in most locations with 2 sets of wheels for front-to-back and side-to-side rolling. USB port enables you to charge your electronic devices and audio jacks enable you to listen to your devices through the treadmill's embedded speakers. Landice is a family owned company that has been producing fitness equipment in NJ for over 50 years. 1 Year parts limited warranty. Landice has been voted the #1 treadmill for many years by the leading consumer magazine [amz_corss_sell asin="B07PGMCY3D"]

Landice Light and Full Treadmills

She use Landice Treadmill.
She use Landice Treadmill.

Landice have two major categories of treadmill that they offer in the market and these are the light model and the full model. The basic difference between these models is that full models are a little more high powered than the light models. Thus, full models are chosen for gym usage while light models can be used both for the gym and at home.

In terms of size, since the full model is more high powered than the light model, it is expected that Landice’s full model treadmill has a bigger deck and larger rollers. This allows it users to make longer strides when running on a treadmill.

In some cases, the difference between a light model and a full model is the control panel display on the front part of the machine. The display for a full model treadmill has more information contained on the display compared with the light model. This can allow its users to input more data and configure the set-up better in the full model.

Though Landice is more popular as a gym treadmill, its light model can work well at home. So, if you want a Landice treadmill at home, you can take a look at its light treadmill products.

Image: Landice-L7-Pro-Trainer-Treadmill-Factory-Demo-0
2017 Manufacturing facility Demo, Les than 25 hours use, Like new situation

Features include:

  • Workout Feedback: Time, Heart Rate, Distance, Calories,  Calories/HR, METs, Incline, Speed, Pace, Lap Time, Laps, Clock, Zone Time, Average Pulse, Pulse, Altitude, Climb Rates
  • 5 Road Screens: City, Beach, Desert, Lake, Mountain
  • 1 Track
  • 6 Climbing Landmarks: Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Seattle Space Needle, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower
  • 5 Built-in: Intermediate, Advanced, Interval, Fat Burn, Endurance
  • 5 User-defined programs (residential models only)
  • 6 Fitness: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Firefighter, Balke
  • 3 Goal Program: Distance, Time, Calories
  • Express Speed and Incline keys
  • 5 Race Programs: ½, Mile, 2 Miles, 5K, 10K
  • 2 Heart Rate Programs: Heart Rate Control, Interval Heart Rate Control
  • 5 Individual User Setups (residential models only)
  • 5 Individual User Heart Rate Control Setups (residential models only)
  • Interactive contact heart rate and wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system
  • Displays data in English or Metric configurations

Landice Treadmill Models

Some notable Landice treadmill models are the M1, L8 STD Series and the L9 STD Series. These are the most chosen Landice treadmills and the only difference among this three is that are you go higher, the capacity of the fitness treadmill increases. Therefore, among these three models, M1 provides the highest running capacity.