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Find out all about treadmill replacement and care.

Treadmill Belts

Treadmill belts are considered to be the core part of an exercise treadmill. Without them, the treadmill will not be able to work properly. The bottom part of the treadmill, which you step on, rotates because of treadmill walking belts. Since they are the most important part of the treadmill, proper care should be given to them to make them last longer. With frequent use, it is inevitable that they would experience wear and tear through time. After a significant amount of time has passed, there is no other way to make your treadmill function well again but to replace the walking treadmill belts.

The Safe Way to Replace Treadmill Belts

Before you perform treadmill repair and go into replacing your treadmill belts, you should check first whether they really need replacement. Make a visual inspection of the bottom deck of the treadmill and if this part is still working well then maybe you don’t need to replace the belts, you just need to apply a lubricant on them. Putting the right amount of lubricant will make your treadmill run as if it was new again.

How to Lubricate a Treadmill Belt

If you have seen cuts, grooves, or any sign of wearing out on the deck then you will need to replace the treadmill walking belts along with the deck. You can buy both materials in any sports store near and you can ask the assistance of their staff in removing and installing treadmill belts.

Treadmill Deck and Belt Replacement
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If the deck is still in perfect condition but the belts are not then you only need to replace the walking treadmill belts and not the entire deck. Since most treadmills have similar architecture in treadmill parts, the way you replace the belts can be similar from one treadmill to another. Here are a few basic steps that you can use as a guide when replacing your treadmill’s belts.

How to Replace a Treadmill Walking Belt

Steps in Replacing Treadmill Belts

  1. You should make sure that you have unplugged your motorised treadmill before replacing the treadmill belts. This is to prevent any electrical accidents during the process of replacement.
  2. Loosen the deck of the treadmill by unscrewing the bolts that you can usually find on its sides. Once this has been done, you can slowly slip off the treadmill belt until you have completely removed it. Some people would resort into cutting the belt so that they can quickly remove it yet this isn’t a good practice. It is better to slowly slide it and let it slip of so that you will have an idea how you can install the replacement belt.
  3. Before you screw back and fix the treadmill, apply some lubricant on it. This will make the belt last longer and you can be able to run faster with it. After the last bolt has been screwed back, you can test the treadmill so that you can immediately make the adjustments on the treadmill belt as needed.

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