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Replacing the Treadmill Walking Belt

Replacing the Treadmill Walking Belt

The treadmill walking belt is the cheapest and simplest device that you can purchase to have an exercise machine at home. The walking belt is one of the most essential components that make up the entire treadmill. Without a good belt the treadmill will not function as you expect it to. With frequent use of the treadmill walking belt, the belt will begin to deteriorate through time. The reason behind this is from the high impact experienced by the belt due to the friction between the walking belt and the treadmill motor.

Some hints that will help you know when to replace the belt are as follows:

  1. The edges of the belt start to curl
  2. You can find uneven surfaces on the belt and sometime there are already holes in some parts of the belt
  3. The belt contains worn-out spots

When any of these can be found in your walking belt, you need to immediately replace it or else you might encounter problems when you perform treadmill workouts. Replacing the treadmill belt can be a do-it-yourself activity and you can use the tools you have at home to do this.

How to Replace the Walking Belt

Here are the steps that you can follow when replacing the belt in your treadmill.

  1. Make sure that you turn off the power of your treadmill walking belt. Unplug it to make sure that there is no electrical power running in it. Inspect the deck first and the remove the belt by finding the parts where it is screwed in place. Using a screwdriver, remove the screws that attach the belt to the deck.
  2. Slowly push the belt rollers away from the belt and towards the deck. Usually there are two rollers that you need to push, the front and the rear rollers. For the rear rollers, you might need to turn the treadmill walking belt for ease of access.
  3. Using a ratchet wrench, remove the belt and the deck from the bottom part of the treadmill by unscrewing the bolts that hold them in place. Lift the belt and the deck out of the machine.
  4. Once the bottom part is now opened, and the belt and the deck is now removed, lubricate the area where the two are once located. Remove the old belt from the deck and replace it with a new one. There is a marker on the belt that will guide you in maintaining the proper alignment of the belt to the deck. Put back the front and rear rollers. Return the entire bottom area as how you have removed it from the treadmill walking belt.
Walking Belt Replacement

Tips to Ensure Correct Walking Belt Replacement

  1. Test the treadmill once the belt has been replaced. Tighten or loosen the belt whenever needed.
  2. If you are having difficulty in replacing the belt, you can consult the treadmill manual that comes along with it. If you are still having problems by then, you might need to seek help from professional technicians.
  3. Make sure that the treadmill walking belt is unplugged before performing replacement processes.
  4. Ensure to have a working knowledge on DIY jobs before replacing the treadmill belt yourself.
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