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Basic Information You Should Know About a Vision Treadmill

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Vision Treadmill is a fitness running machine that provides great value for the amount that you pay for it. This brand is popular for providing comfortable treadmills that are durable and reliable. Due to these, Vision treadmills are gradually climbing to the top ladder of being one of the best treadmills in the industry.

If you are someone who is searching for a good running machine you can set up at home then Vision Treadmill is a great option. This treadmill is a mid-priced treadmill available between the price of $1,000 to $2,000. With this amount that you’re gonna pay, you are guaranteed to obtain great value from this running machine.

Johnson Tech. Inc. ( is the company that designs and manufactures Vision treadmill. At present, Johnson Tech. Inc. and Vision Treadmills are becoming the most sought after running machines in United States and the whole world.

VISION FITNESS T80 Classic Treadmill

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  • 3.0 HP digital drive system
  • 152 cm x 56 cm/60-Inch x 22-Inch workout area
  • Commercial-grade, reversible deck
  • Commercial Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5 Years Motor and Parts; 2 Years Labor; User Capacity 400 Pounds
  • Home Warranty: Lifetime Frame/Motor/Cushioning, 7 Years Parts; 2 Years Labor; User Capacity 400 Pounds

Vision treadmill uses high quality materials which ensures that the treadmill they sell is tough and durable. You can be sure that you can rely on their treadmills even when you run at maximum speed, high incline, and long period. Their treadmills are also well-engineered that they ensure their machines last a long time. For an instance, they make use of large rollers inside the running machine to reduce the friction in the treadmill belt. This lengthens the life of the treadmill motor, belt, deck, and rollers.

Vision treadmills are also popular for their high-tech consoles. The console that they have contains a quick start button, speed and incline quick keys, easy-to-read LCD monitor, and pulse sensor. This makes using this treadmill easier and more convenient.

This treadmill has an orthopedic design to make it easy for you to run on it. Furthermore, it has easy-grip handles to provide comfort to you while running.

Vision treadmills are easy to use. Having it at home makes it convenient for you to exercise and lose weight. You can simply turn on the treadmill and start sweating it all out. You can fold and unfold it easily so that you can save space even if you own it.

Best of all, Vision Treadmill is recognized as a best buy in the treadmill market. Bring it home and enjoy treadmill workouts using a Vision treadmill.

Vision Fitness Treadmill Reviews & Get Informed About Vision Fitness Treadmills

Vision Fitness Treadmill is designed and manufactured by Johnson Tech. Inc., which is a company that is known to be producing high quality treadmills for a very long time. For almost three decades, Johnson Tech. Inc. has been in the industry and this has allowed them to gain experience in the field of exercise treadmill manufacture. This has also made them gain the knowledge on how to improve treadmills to make them more easy to use, convenient, and safe for all types of runners to use.

Currently, Vision fitness treadmill is one of the best treadmills in the market. These treadmills are one of the few premium treadmills that you can get for budget-friendly prices. A regular fitness Vision treadmill is available for about $1,000 to $2,000. This price range is competitive enough knowing that you will have a great running machine you can use as frequent as you want to.

Vision Fitness Treadmills are high-quality treadmills that you can trust. They are made from high grade components which gives you only the best platform to perform all of your treadmill workouts on. Thus, buying a treadmill from them gave give you that guarantee of having a dependable treadmill that will help you tone down and be healthy.

Simple, Deluxe, and Premier Fitness Vision Treadmills

When getting a Vision fitness treadmill, you should first learn about the three types you can get from them. These are simple, deluxe, and premier treadmills. Let’s look each of these types.

1: Simple

A simple console contains a blue LED panel where your exercise information is displayed during your workout. It has no built-in programs to choose from which is a disadvantage of this type. It has a quick start button and quick keys to change the speed and the elevation for ease of use. Lastly, it has a contact heart rate to let you monitor your aerobic heart rate for health and safety purposes.

2: Deluxe

A Vision Fitness Treadmill with a deluxe console has an LCD screen with blue backlighting where you can view your exercise information. This is way better than the simple console. It contains 18 pre-programmed exercises you can choose from, this includes the sprint 8 which can make your workouts more exciting. It allows three user log-in profiles to let you customize your use. It also has a contact heart rate just like the simple console.

3: Premier

A premier console is the best among the three and also is the most expensive. This type has a full-color LCD screen as its monitor. Additionally, it has 4 backgrounds to choose from. It has the most number of built programs – 21 workouts that you can do alternately to prevent boredom during workouts. It has quick keys for ease of use. Lastly, it has a DVD capability for more enjoyable workouts.

Vision Treadmill Reviews – What You Need to Know Before Buying a Treadmill

Vision Treadmill is popular for providing great value for its users. The goal of creating this treadmill is to provide the most basic, dependable and comfortable treadmill in the market. Due to this Vision Treadmills has been one of the best treadmills available in the market today.

If you are in search for a premium treadmill that can provide you with the best running platform then getting a Vision Treadmill is the right choice. This treadmill has been proven to provide great value at the price you pay for it. For about $1,000 to $1,500, you can have the best buy treadmill conveniently set-up in your own home.

Vision Treadmill offers a long line of running machines that you can choose from. Some of them include Vision X6100, Vision T9200, Vision X1500, Vision R2200, Vision T9450, Vision E3200, Vision X6000, Vision T9600, Vision T9200 treadmill, and Vision T9500. Here is a sneak peek on some of its cardio machines.

Vision T9200 Treadmill

Vision T9200 is a mid-priced running machine that you can get below $1,500. It is a good entry-level treadmill that can help you start-up with running. Vision T9200 provides a smooth and stable running platform that is easy and safe to use. This treadmill uses a 2.5HP motor that provides a maximum speed of 10mph. This treadmill also allows you run on an incline with maximum elevation of 12%. It provides wide race track measuring 20-inch x 54-inch to provide a comfortable running deck.

Vision X1500 Elliptical

Vision X1500 is a comfortable and space-saving running equipment. It is an elliptical which serves the same purpose as a treadmill but with different ways on how to work out on it. You workout on a treadmill by running on it and this is the same way with an elliptical with the slight difference of having movable handles to hold on to when running. This forces your arms to sway accordingly with the elliptical’s handle. Vision X1500 is an ergonomically-designed elliptical for your to have a comfortable exercise equipment.

Vision R2200 Bike

Vision R2200 is a stationary bike and has the same purpose with that of the treadmill. It provides a machine that allows you to perform cardiovascular exercises with. It has 9 built-in programs that provides motivating cardiovascular exercises. It has an LED console for you to track your workout performance. You can get this machine for $1,000 and it has warranty terms of 1-year for the body frame, 1-year for the brake, 1-year for parts and electronics, and 1-year for service.

Vision T9450 Treadmill

The most notable feature of Vision T9450 treadmill is its orthopedic belt. This treadmill is one of the cheapest exercise treadmill that have this kind of treadmill belt. This is a great folding treadmill because it is highly portable. It has great cushioning system to make running on it more comfortable and safe. You can get this treadmill for $2,000. It has lifetime warranty on the treadmill motor, 5-year warranty on other parts and electronics, and 1-year on service.

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Vision E3200 Bike

Vision E3200 is an exercise bicycle that has an LCD display that lets you track your progress while working out. It provides detailed information regarding your speed, incline, calories burned, distance traveled, and heart rate. It has adjustable handlebars with built-in pulse sensor grip that is connected to the LCD display and adjustable seat. It has 22 built-in exercise programs to choose from. It offers lifetime warranty for body frame and brake, 3-year warranty for parts, and 1-year service warranty. You can get Vision E3200 for about $1,000.

Vision X6000 Elliptical

For only $1,200, you can get this entry-level elliptical machine. It offers a long stride of 19.72 inches in length. Vision X6000 offers warranty terms of lifetime for frame and magnetic brake, 2 years on parts and electronics, and 1 year on service.

Vision T9600 Treadmill

This premium treadmill provides one of the most comfortable running track anyone can have. It has a large frame and a long track that caters to both short and long strides. It is a stable running machine with great cushioning so that it can give you a smooth and steady treadmill run. This treadmill is price around $2,500 and it has warranty terms of lifetime for the frame and motor, 5 years for electronics and parts, and 1 year for service.

Vision T9500 Treadmill

Vision T9500 treadmill provides a smooth running machine that you can exercise on. It is stable and steady that you can ensure safety when using it. You can get this treadmill for a price below $2,000.