The Treadmill

Things to Know About The Treadmill

The treadmill is a running machine that allows its user to walk, jog, or run on top of it without moving from one place to another. Long time ago, treadmills were created with intention of having a person or an animal drive power onto it to serve like a mill. The main purpose of treadmills back then is to grind the grains that people have harvested.

Professional Advice Regarding Treadmill Use

Today, the treadmill has already transformed from a grinding mill to an exercise equipment. Furthermore, different commercial treadmills nowadays are driven by a motor that is operated using electricity. Thus, a person who uses this electric treadmill is forced to run with the pace dictated by the running motor. The appearance and the way how treadmills are used have completely changed through time yet this change has provided us a handy device that can be used to stay fit and healthy.

Advantages of Using the Treadmill

  1. The treadmill can be your primary exercise machine for treadmill cardio workouts. It is known to provide a low-impact exercise equipment since a treadmill uses good shock absorption technology. This means that when you run on it, your lower body parts are subjected to less impact compared with running on the road. This ensures that your lower body parts such as your legs, knees, joints, and ankles will not undergo a lot of pain after the workout but you will be able to obtain similar results with running on the road.
  2. The treadmill is a great machine that allows you to do indoor physical activities that could have only be possible and effective outdoors. With a treadmill, you don’t need to think about the weather or what time of the day is it to know if you can take a walk or even run because it provides you with a moving platform without going out of the house. Thus, you can perform all of your cardio exercises at any time of day you want to without thinking of factors such as the weather, personal safety, and unnecessary attention towards you.
  3. You don’t need to join a gym and pay monthly dues to perform treadmill workouts. You can easily purchase a treadmill and put it at home to let you perform your workouts more conveniently. You can even put the treadmill in front of a television so that you can watch TV while exercising.
  4. Treadmills are also used for medical purposes. Stress test is done using a treadmill and its main purpose is determine possible artery blockage for people who are suspected to have heart diseases.
Six Health Benefits of Treadmills

Disadvantages of the Treadmill

  1. The treadmill does not fully imitate the environment that running outside provides. So, if you are outdoorsy, you might not find this machine very appealing.
  2. Frequent use of treadmill tends to demotivate a person who is using it. Since running on it leads you nowhere but to the same location where you began, you may sometimes lose interest in using it because nothing new comes your way unlike walking outside where you tend to see a lot of new things.
  3. Some high-end treadmills may take up a huge space at home. The workaround for this problem is to get a portable folding treadmill.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Treadmill